A collaboration between Jennie Savage and Echoes

To make a map is to create a visual register of place.
To actively use a map is to make connections and perceptually join people, places and ideas together.
‘Mapping’ is an attempt to represent multiplicity. To give form to concepts, ideas, journey’s, even time.
An audio map is the playing out of sounds, ideas, field recordings, footage and imaginings from geography this creates a new topography- a new map. A map that connects sounds to place and then forges connections between places. This process is empowering. It connects people and ideas; situations that seemed singular 
become multiple.

The broadcast has been organised into sections:
‘Territories’ Individual, community, locality, corporate, global, bought into conversation.
‘Convergence’ The intermeshing of birdsong, a human voice, a car, a factory, a glitch, a shopping mall, an 
airport a train station, their convergence as audio portrait of place and human experience.
‘Psycho geography’, Time emerges through place.
‘Reflexivity’ Thinking about the idea of the field recording, the meaning of a walk or journey. 
‘Dis orienteering’ The field recording as starting point for abstraction or manipulation.

Recently Radio APPROXIM took part in a series of international radio projects in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, in cooperation with the Lisbon Architecture Triennial. For this end they made  an 'audio portrait' of their hometown Uden, in which the atmosphere and space with sounds of their city was mapped.

At first, a base tape was made from a 20-minute journey through the landscape of Uden, which was recorded as a single track. Afterwards more layers with local sounds were recorded and mixed to the final audio portrait, named “Next Stop”.

The premiere of the piece was played in Lisbon, during the Architecture Triennial and simultaneously worldwide via Radio During the festival you can not only hear the soundtrack, but also view the video that was made during the rough journey around Uden.

The music institute Radio Approxim is a response to experiences with improvised jazz. Hence the warning as the caption of each sound from this company: Probably Not Your Kind Of Jazz. This is evident in the approach of the musicians who take a more intellectual, not danceable and less commercial attitude to the traditional audience. Approxim stay away from traditional ideas and techniques, but elicits like unconventional sounds of traditional musical instruments and household appliances. The musicians are also not botherd by any knowledge. The members of Approxim are also founder of the new platform experimental music, the organization behind the PNEM Sound Art Festival.


Participants list:

Acoustic Mirror - Madrid, Spain

Alan Dunn & Jeff Young - UK

Alan Gleeson - Berlin, Germany

Aldene Rocha and Ingeborg Blom

Andersskog - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Alejandro Cornejo Montibeller - Lima, Perú

Alejandro Villegas - Bogotá, Colombia

Aline Dufat - London, UK

Amira Hanafi - Cairo, Egypt

Ana Gandum - Lisboa, Portugal

Antonio Bermúdez - Bogotá, Colombia

Ashley Scott - Sydney, Australia

Balam Ronan - México

Becky Grajeda - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Betelhem Makonnen - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Brendan Baylor - Iowa City, USA

Camille Lacroix - Paris, France / Stockholm, Sweden

Charlotte Wendy Law - London, UK

Chris Wood - London, UK

Christiana Kazakou - London, UK

Christopher DeLaurenti - Williamsburg, VA USA

Cristina Gaviria Beltrán - Bogotá, Colombia

Dafydd Sills-Jones - Aberystwyth, Wales

Damir Kustic - Rijeka, Croatia

David Blamey - London, UK

David Brazier, Kelda Free - Perth, Australia

David Tarnow and Doug Wright - Canada

David Tomaloff - Racine, USA

Dirk Elst - Ghent, Belgium

Dixie Treichel - Minneapolis, MN, USA

Elisabetta Senesi - Florence, Italy

Elizabeth Ross - México

Emiliano Battistini - Rimini, Italy

Eric Leonardson - USA

Estelle Rosenfeld - Ramsgate, UK

Félix Blume - Mexico City, Mexico/France/Belgium

Flavien Gillié - Niévroz, France

Gabriel Dernbach - Berlin, Germany

Gintas k - Marijampole, Lithuania

GRAU/T - Essen, Germany

Greg Ruben - Brooklyn, New York, USA

James W. Norton - London and Cambridge, UK

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen - Eindhoven, Netherlands

Jess Allen - UK

João Bento - Portugal

John F. Barber - Vancouver, Washington, USA

Jordan Cleland - Indianapolis, IN, USA

Jorn Ebner - Berlin Kreuzberg, German

José Pastor - Aldeia do Mato, Portugal

Julia Heslop - Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Jurgen de Blonde - Belguim

Kevin Logan - London, UK

Larry Achiampong - London, UK

Mandy Williams - London, UK

Marcelo Armani - Canoas, Brasil

Marco Lampis - Italy

Maria Balabas - Romania

Maria Best - Germany

Maria Papadomanolaki - London, UK

Mario Lautier Vella - Hertfordshire, UK

Mark Hardy - USA

Marssares - Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Matt Warren - Hobart, Australia

Mauro Sá Rego Costa - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Michael Cousin - Wales, Cardiff

Munan Øvrelid and Marcellvs L - Berlin, Germany

Natasha Lowe Swingler - London, UK

Nigel Helyer - North Fremantle, Australia

Noah Jurcin - Chicago, USA

Paul Collins - Paris, France

Pedro Garbellini - São Paulo, Brasil

Peter Barnard - Amersham, UK

Peter Lenaerts - Belgium

Peter Strickmann - Saarbrücken, Germany

Rachel Andrews - Co Leitrim, Ireland

Radio APPROXIM - Uden, Netherlands

Randolph Jordan - Vancouver, Canada

Rebecca Louise Collins - Wales

Renee Lauzon - USA

Riccardo Benassi - Berlin, Germany

Saba Hasan - New Delhi, India

Sam Heydt - USA

Sierra Mitchell - Chicago IL USA

Simon Serc - Slovenia

Sirpa Jokinen - Helsinki, Finland

Speculum - Los Angeles, USA

Stuart Craig - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Susanna Jurvanen - Finland

Tariq Emam - Scarborough, UK

The Psychogeographical Commission - Glasgow

Tricia Flanagan - Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Ulrich Ludat - Saarbrücken, Germany

Uwe Kirsch Aka Genarten - Bremen, Germany

Virgilio Oliveira - Currently living in London, UK.

William Diaz - Bogotá, Colombia

Wiska Radkiewicz, Andrea Cohen - France / USA

Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos - Greece