APPROXIM New answers to old questions
New answers to old questions

Open Space Jazz is based on the principles of self-determination: participants put together their own programme through live sessions. Open Space has been used before at official work conferences and congresses of people  who discuss what really concerns them in various simultaneous sessions. They explore new approaches and possibilities or try to formulate new answers to old questions.

This is based on the principle that people are perfectly able themselves to develop and work out themes that are relevant to them, instead of experts pre-arranging this for them.

Furthermore, Open Space is capable of bringing together people with various backgrounds to share visions, ideas, creativity and actions, resulting in a collective and motivating happening.

Open Space includes the following aspects:

- Observe processes of change.

- Enhancing mutual trust.

- Promoting self-determination.

- Improving communication.

- Creating support.

- Developing mutual respect.

- Stimulating creativity and innovation.


"There is no universally accepted definition of Approxim."