APPROXIM Master class

"Silence is not the most beautiful thing in music..."

Approxim is pleased to present an Open Space Jazz master class which ends up in an approximately-one-hour-performance. The master class will give young musicians, students, jazz fans, (progressive) rock fans and music lovers a rare opportunity to gain valuable information from an important new development in modern open-space-jazz.

Approxim addresses a wide variety of issues that jazz players on all instruments face - issues of confidence and mental preparation, techniques for better improvisation and for improving your ability to collaborate, and how to overcome the mind games that every musician plays with themselves over "What to play next?" and "Does this sounds to good?"

Approxim will be highlighting the choices of instruments and equipment and their behavior as it applies to open-space applications. As always, Approxim encourages everyone to bring his or her instruments, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "audience participation." It is up to the Approxim to decide how the master class is conducted, and the classes often range from open talks, listening sessions, or group lessons to individual critiques and sessions.


"Approxim, the booming Open Space Jazz players, made their first recordings under own name, subtitled "Probably Not Your Kind Of Jazz". This kind of jazz will be liked by the younger generation and gives the band the potential to reach new groups of admirers."

Festival directors can apply to arrange a master class, preferably by e-mail. Please send an invitation and a brief motivation. You can give a link to a web page where we can get a good impression of your event. The fee is approximately 2500,- EUR plus travel expenses and accommodations.