APPROXIM Approximately one hour
Approximately one hour

Open Space Jazz is the process in which a group of musicians put their enthusiasm and energy into a joint approach of a musical concept, ways of finding sounds and atmospheres, creating new techniques, and so on. The only rule is that the entire performance takes place in the time frame of approximately one hour. Everyone is given the opportunity to show their personal talents and gain new experiences. The ambiance is characterized by openness, commitment, shared responsibility and self-development, with room for dialogue and the exchange of experiences in an informal yet inspiring atmosphere.


On average, the happening takes about an hour, after which the pieces of work that has been recorded will be presented on Approxim Radio. If so desired, the work can be elucidated or commented upon by others, for instance via e-mail and Twitter. Listeners are explicitly asked to make live music simultaneously, while they are listening to the Radio Approxim.

An example of Approxim's Open Space concept is a flocking jam session, based on a collective movement such as bird flocks and fish schools, used to capture the global sound of a large number of interacting performers.