APPROXIM Probably not your kind of Jazz
Unconventional Jazz Experience

The emergence of Approxim, like previous developments in modern music, is largely tied to the jazz experience. This idea can be seen in the approaches of the musicians themselves, who reveal directions that are more intellectual, less danceable and less marketable to the traditional audience.

Approxim uses it's own idioms, and like free jazz it places an aesthetic premium on expressing the character or attitude of the musician, as opposed to the classical tradition in which the performer is seen more as expressing the individuality of the instrument. Approxim stays away from traditional techniques but elicits unconventional sounds from the instruments. Earlier music styles typically were built on a framework of song forms and compositions. In Approxim, the dependence on a fixed and pre-established form is eliminated, and the role of improvisation is correspondingly increased.


"Some people feel that music should be entertaining and make you comfortable.

We have a different opinion. Let's make some noise!"