APPROXIM Impertinent Yellow dots...

4 Songs For A Broken Orchestra, part three in G for strings

Dinsdag 11 juni 2013

Locatie: op het bordes van de Approxim studio aan de Pnemstraat 1a te Uden

Voorbereiding en directie: Jan Jongedijk

Instrumentarium: diverse snaarinstrumenten

Impertinent Yellow Dots on a Perfect Blue Sky

A piece  in 5 parts for strings, 3 or 4 players.

1.Introduction ( 3 mts)

An exploration by all participants

2.A small Story ( 3 mts )

A sparkling part with small notes and tones, low volume and

( mainly ) acoustic

3.Dialogue ( 3 mts )

An interactive conversation, Ye llow and Blue mixing up, Violin, guitars, loops

4.Thunderbass, Father is Angry ( 3 mts)

Resistance, 2 or 3 electric basses/bassguitars

5.Lower Your voices  ( 3 mts )

Balance, Acceptance, move from disharmony towards slight Harmony.

CODA, chit/chat