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Approxim Music Group makes experimental music. It's not about the beautiful melody and virtuosity.

Approxim: "We intervene if something good will develop"

Brabants Dagblad - by Lieke Mulder

If you go to the old Pnemgebouw in Uden on Tuesday night, walk around and listen, you hear strange sounds from above. There, in the dark, when it still something ominous building. Then again swelling, then suddenly a hitch, other times. Then an organ sounds like The Doors revival.

Odd? Apart? New? Absolutely, because this makes the music group Udens Approxim experimental music. Every Tuesday the six members take a CD. Every Tuesday. Approxim stands for 'approximately'. And alluding to the group on Tuesday hours of music she makes. "More about one hour," said one member, Victor Notermans. Six years ago they started officially.

Approxim is pushing the road. They gave a lunchtime concert on November 4 at the John Cage exhibition in Heerlen and could be heard on Radio Sonore national television. Who sees the men at work, was astonished at the joy, the effort and cooperation that is heard in the sounds that alternate, enhance curb and then a 'nice' song abruptly. In their recording are electric guitars, organs, drums. But even a sewing machine is part of the instruments. "It is wonderful to find out what to vibrations in such appliance. And every place is different."

The sewing machine is like a heart patient in the hospital with electrodes. Piezo-elements in this case, small contact microphones. Previously they were using a mixer and a microphone on the roof. Antoon: "In such a way we can sound anything from outside directly to get."

Beautiful, that's their experimental music is not to, says Notermans. "No, we just fall down all conventions. Intervene if we create something beautiful. That is really not the goal. And that is just very difficult, said Charles. "It is very difficult not to the melody to go along, just there to oppose it, to do the unconventional. In that respect, Henk who can play drums, just a disability. We go against the ordinary and into the chaos that occurs, you discover a pattern. "And what is their usefulness? Anthony: "There is not. As an artist, you do things nobody wants. "Victor:" You're in a different way of thinking. "Karel:" You should completely back to square one. So set your mind open. are you open to other things. "

Themselves they succeed in getting better for an hour to their own music. And frankly they have the idea that what they ever did, sometimes it becomes more beautiful. Victor: "You get used to it. And sometimes things you listen back and think, wow."

And their audience, who are they? Mostly anyway 'searching' minds, said. Notermans: "We give them every Sunday morning from now on a concert of coffee one hour. Free. For those who dare. For one hour can be quite long. "Antoon Versteegde:" My wife recently said she can appreciate classical music much more if she listens to our music. We make music without knowledge."

The coffee every Sunday concerts start at 10.30 hours.